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Who Am I & Why Listen To Me?

from The Desk Of:
Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Ashish Kumar
Hi, my name is Ashish Kumar, and chances are, that you don’t know me.

However, you probably know my partners which I’m about to introduce later on, but me, I’m just a regular internet marketer, with the same story like everyone else.

I’ve tried it all, bought it all, and truly, all I wanted was to make money online.

And more specifically, I was extremely drawn to the idea of affiliate marketing.

That’s because I loved the concept of getting paid for sending traffic, without having to be an expert, or creating products, or spending a few thousand before I can make a dime.

Unfortunately, I did end up wasting thousands until I discovered this system.

Before Discovering This System, 
I’ve Bought & Tried It ALL
Nothing Worked For Me. 
(The Classic Cheesy Story)
As I just mentioned, my worst nightmare came to life, the only thing I wanted was to make money as an affiliate without all the risk and hurdles that selling a product or starting an ecom business required.

Yet I ended up buying products online for over a year, every single day, trying this method and that method, trying reviews, trying ecom, trying SEO, I tried it all.
And I ended up losing thousands because of...
I don’t blame the sellers for everything, I of course got stuck with information overload and I made mistakes and didn’t always listen.

But the truth is, the majority of my problems came from the products I purchased.

Here is what I noticed:

 Most Programs Are Untested, UnProven & Have NO Success Stories, Only Sell Dreams

I noticed that every time I enter a program or buy a product, they have a lot of hype, but very little proof, if at all.

And as I go through the training, I can just tell, they have never made money with those products or methods they sell.

And it made me also realize that..

 Most Programs Are Rehashed Versions Of Each Other

Have you ever noticed how disappointing it is to buy a product these days? It’s always the same thing or very similar to something else I bought.

I swear, they’re either just copying each other or rehashing content from other sources.

And even when they do deliver solid content, it always feels like

 Most Programs Miss A Piece Of The Puzzle

It’s never the full piece of the puzzle, there’s always an upsell REQUIRED to make money, never optional.

They hold a few tricks back, or you feel like there’s a gap in information, like something was supposed to be there, but it’s not.

As if they’re holding it back.


 Most programs are high risk for LOW reward!

This is not the sellers fault, it’s just the truth. In many of these methods, to make money, you need to risk money.

Or at least risk dozens of hours of your time to build something that turns out doesn’t work anymore.

And even though I’m glad to take a risk when needed, some of them just required hundreds of dollars just to get started.

My system isn’t like that, it’s designed with beginners in mind, and then as we scale, we scale smoothly, and easily without risk.
This System Literally
Changed EVERYTHING For Me.
When I learned how to master Google Ads after THOUSANDS in trail and error, and when my first money site version took off after dozens of failed versions.

I finally started seeing how it should all work, and how easy it can be, as long as I follow my formula.

Slowly but surely, I was able to duplicate it again and again, without failing, and that’s when I realized, I WAS onto something.

And ever since,
I Went From...
0 To Making 3 Figures Daily
The minute I finally figured it out and it took off, I was able to duplicate it and scale to 3 figs daily with EASE.

And I didn’t need a list or a product, that’s just crazy, right?

Well, there was a catch, which is why I couldn’t teach the system before figuring out how to solve that catch..
The Problem With Duplicating 
My System Was That It Was Too Much 
Manual Hard Work.
Much of my system is reliant on traffic to a professional affiliate money blog.

Creating each blog manually was a nightmare, tons of design work, tons of text work, tons of copywriting, hosting each time, domains, lots of content, figuring out offers.

It was a nightmare.

So I’ve Partnered With 
Long Time Millionaires To Develop A
COMPLETE Automated Solution
So I needed a way to automate this daunting and fairly expensive process into a simple step by step software or something.

And in my searching I found a few people who agreed to partner with me, and together we’ve developed the ultimate solution.
I’ve partnered with internet 7 figure earners Tom Yevsikov & Gaurab Borah...

And software developer Joshua Firima Jr and together we’ve developed the ULTIMATE solution.
We Decided To Create A Software To Automate My Method So We Can Have 
A COMPLETE, Duplicatable System!
Spending from our own money, tens of thousands, creating amazing templates, working with real copywriters to create content from scratch, coding everything from 0, duplicating the psychology and hotspots of my top earning sites, we developed a software that goes along with the system, which automates EVERYTHING needed.

So that all I and my students have to do is, log into the software, create the site, send traffic, earn money, and later on, flip the site on Flippa. (but that’s another story)

And once I shared it with my students, I was blown away by the results.

"It was CRAZY, people logged in, created sites, learned my method, sent traffic, and earned money."
And the testimonials on this page are LIVING proof!

More than once I was told that my system was the only one that worked this fast and this effortlessly.

And that’s because I made money with it and mastered it before selling it.

And the software was created to automate it.
Here’s Real Student Proof For Ya
I Promise You, You Have NEVER Seen Such A Real, Results Based But Fully Automated System:
Are You Ready To start profiting... 
Easier Than Ever Before?
"Create Drop Dead Gorgeous & High Converting Review Blogs Packed With Unique Bonuses, Converting Products, Professional Reviews & Content, Written By Professional Copywriters To Start Earning Even If You Have 0 Experience With Affiliate Marketing."

What’s Inside?

DropBlogr is a cloud based software that automates my money making system by creating fully fledged affiliate review sites.

It also comes with my method that makes me $300/daily taught over clear step by step video modules where I also teach my *secret* adwords formula which gets me buyer clicks for as little as a few cents.

How Does It Work?
The System Is Broken Down Into 5 Simple Steps:
Quick Start
This first module is a basic module where you learn what are the best niches, how to grab your affiliate links, what offers convert the best, and then, we move into showing how the entire system will work, including traffic and understand WHY it works.

This module may be basic, but it is very important.
Activate Software
In this module you’ll jump into the software, create your sites, follow the instructions on how to connect everything, you’ll add in our top “conversion” boosters taught in the training and we will also reveal a cool CASE STUDY which generate us an exceptionally high return on investment.

This module is the longest because you need to set everything up with the software and the system, but even this being the longest, it’s less than 20 min work.
Cracking the Traffic Code
By this point you will be locked and loaded to start earning, and you just need to start getting traffic.

Now this is the most exciting part of the system, because getting traffic in such a competitive space such as Google Ads is very hard normally.

You must know what you’re doing or else you’ll throw hundreds and even thousands just on testing.

We cut through the B.S. and tell you EXACTLY what audiences we use, how to find your own, how to really quickly get traffic into the hundreds of clicks for cents each.

And of course, this is not any traffic, this is traffic that BUYS, and that is the key to my success, real buyer traffic.
This is the part where you’ll be making money if you follow all the steps, traffic will start rolling in, your site will be amazing, professional, fully ready to receive and convert that traffic, and of course, if you want, build your list.
Scaling Your Earnings
And finally, once you invested just a tad bit of money, made it back and went into profit, we tell you how to slowly but surely SCALE so you never lose money, you will always be in profit, and this is the part where you’ll make the full time income.

The potential is UNLIMITED.
Here’s How SIMPLE Our Software Is:
You only need to follow 3 steps to create a smoking hot, high converting and professional money site:
Step 1 - SELECT
Select A Template Out Of Our Dozens OF Professional, Custom Made Templates.
Step 2 - SETUP
Setup The Name, Subdomain, Niche & Simply Fill In The Blanks Of Site Details
Step 3 - DEPLOY
Deploy The Site, Add It’s 95% Ready, At this point you can already make money with it, or optimize it a little bit to stand out and be more unique. Up to you.
Watch How The Software Creates
Smoking Hot Sites In Seconds:
Want A More In Depth Look? 
 Full Features Galore:
Done For You Review Blogs
Select from our different templates and build your own high quality, professional, high converting Done For You affiliate review blog in just few clicks.
DFY Product Reviews
The review blogs come preloaded with 40 evergreen top-converting offers and professionally written high converting reviews + Bonuses.
DFY Custom Bonuses
MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses to customize each promo and maximize your income. Plus each review comes with 5 unique Bonuses.
DFY Hosting/Domain
Premium Hosting included - no domain needed, zero monthly costs. You can host your blog on our subdomain or add your own domain easily.
Fully Cloud-Based System
Nothing to install, just login from anywhere and start using it. All you need is a laptop/PC and internet connection
Monetise With Banners
Add your own banners ads. Link them to affiliate offers, CPA offers, landing pages or anywhere you want. 
Add New Reviews Easily
Want to add your own reviews for any product you promote? Follow our proven template and add your own reviews seamlessly. No restrictions.
Full Control Over Your Blog
Add your own logo, select your own domain, add, edit or remove reviews, customise bonuses for your reviews. You have full control over your blog.
Use For Any Niche
Promote products from various niches like, travel destination reviews, physical product reviews, ecom product reviews, real estate reviews.
Step By Step Training
Full software training included so you don't stuck anywhere. It's super simple and quick. You can setup your own ready-to-profit review blog in less than 5 min.
Here Is Why This is so
Else Out There?
Dirt Cheap Buyer Traffic
Because our system is reliant on starting small and scaling big, we have very low risk of entry.

You need just $5 - $10 on paid traffic to make money, and then you re-invest. You can get traffic as cheap as $0.10 per click and that’s BUYER traffic.

It works this well because the traffic is buyer traffic, and it’s super cheap, into the cents!
Hosting & Domains ON US!
Back when I was doing this manually without a software, I had to buy a domain and hosting for each site version.

It was terribly expensive and risky upfront, and it’s a recurring payment as well, so you end up committing to large expenses before making any money.

In my vision I wanted to create something that removes that initial risk for you, so that all you need to do, is load the template and make money.
Professional Sites You Can Be Proud of!
I’ve talked about this earlier, many of the sites there by sellers aren’t actually used by the sellers.

They have a short term vision, they never made money with them, they are usually ugly or very very simple, so simple that visitors will be turned off by them.

Since I am making passive income with my sites, this same logic went into my software, I created these sites from 0 to passive income, and my software duplicates it.
All site content created by professional copywriters, not curated!
Most systems and softwares out there simply curate videos and text as content for your site, as if your traffic will engage or care about it.

With Dropblogr, we hired professional copywriters to create the reviews, the bonuses, the content and the sites content!

You will have top notch high converting sites that will BLOW your traffic away and get you incredible feedback, and sales!
 I Myself Have Been Doing This FOR Months Successfully & I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.
Like I said before, the #1 reason why most methods don’t work is because many of these software sellers and developers create them to sell them, not to actually use them.

I have been doing this before I created the software, I make passive income daily with this.

I mastered this method, at least to a point where I can’t go backwards, I can only grow from here.

And that’s the way I teach, and the foundation on which the software was built upon.

This way, you are truly learning how to become mega successful with a much higher chance of succeeding that some random software or rehashed method.
Check Out What Our Users Have To Say And Their AMAZING Results:
 For The Fast Action Takers Only If You Get Ranksnap 3.0 Within The Launch Period...
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(Value $297)
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(Value $197)
Take DropBlogr to whole another level with this
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(Value $47)
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Here Is The TL;DR Version
Real user results
Everyone can make big claims & promises, and everyone can copy a successful system someone else is teaching & start teaching it.

But it takes a lot of effort, planning, a good teacher, good software, a good strategy and a proven duplicatable system to create real success stories.

This is what separates us from everyone else, we made people successful even before launching this package.

This package is just next level automation.
Tons of proof from our own campaigns
And of course, we practice what we preach! The majority of products out there are created to be sold, NOT to help people!

This is a system WE MAKE DAILY INCOME WITH, and now we are giving you the exact system on a gold plate, completely DFY.

Just copy paste us and use our software to automate the entire process and have a profitable site, and voila, there’s no reason you won’t make 3 figs daily like we or our students do.
Dirt cheap buyer traffic source you cannot master anywhere else but here
We’re not here to mess around and force you to take huge risks for small rewards.

We mastered Google Ads cheap buyer traffic and that is, in our minds at least, a FACT.

We KNOW what we’re doing, WE know how to make ANYONE duplicate it.

And you are the lucky person to be able to duplicate us and start getting REAL BUYER clicks, the type that wants to buy your affiliate offers NOW, for as little as $0.16

This is not some low tier traffic.

This is Google Ads super targeted buyer traffic.

Complete package, nothing is held back
In the majority of softwares or products out there, there is always a feeling that something is held back, some piece of the puzzle is missing, SOMETHING is OFF.

This right here is the COMPLETE and TOTAL package.

We give you everything you need to make money with this system.

You get the automation software.
You get a profit blog built for you.
You get the offers, the content, the bonuses, the hosting, the domain on us.
You get full customization.
And finally, you get our best kept traffic source.
Why Am I SO Confident This Will Work For You? Because...
It Works For Me & My Students.
We’re All Making Money As We Speak, And I'm No Big Guru, I'm Just An Average Guy Who Figured Some Stuff Out.
Now that’s a bold promise right there.

But we are so confident that it works, and we are using it ourselves.

We don’t have ANYTHING to hide.

DropBlogr Allows You To
BUY Back Your Time!
Whatever you’re making in your job, business or services currently, is REPLENESHIBLE.

But your time ISN’T.

This SAVES Time on trial and error, finding out traffic sources, setting up a site, figuring out copy, graphics, products, bonuses, creating reviews & content and more!

blah - so much work, so little leverage, sucks! This SAVES time and allows for faster results with no risk.

Remember, $5 is all you need on traffic to start and the software takes care of the website for you.

This is the PERFECT storm.
"DropBlogr Is Normally A Monthly Recurring Program, However This Launch Special Is A Chance To
Get It For A Low, One Time Price
The question is, WHY, right? Why don’t we just charge more and make more?

Well, I was where you are right now at some point or another and without someone reaching a helping hand out to me; I would never have been able to achieve such success.
And beyond that, this system was NEVER launched before, our job right now is to get it to as many people as possible, get testimonials, results and build case studies, and then, after the launch is over, start charging REAL premium prices, and be able to justify those prices with loads of success stories.

We aim to be #1, and we want to have a good headstart over our competition.

Therefore, I am going to make this software very accessible, so that you can get your hands on it.

In fact, if you act fast today, you can get instant access to DropBlogr for just:
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Retail Price
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When Will The Price Increase?
The big increase will happen once the launch is over, however, if you’re seeing a timer on this page that counts down, it means the price will increase once that timer hits zero.

These are smaller increases, but they are real, no fake scarcity, no matter what, whenever that timer hits zero, the price will increase by a few dollars.

So now is the BEST time to get it, it’s the cheapest it’ll ever be, and it’s one hellova low price.
Click The Button Below And We Guarantee That You Won’t Regret This Decision, EVER.
Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product.

We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives. However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this training & software as effective and as easy to get results with as possible.

You can try it risk free for 180 days and we will refund your money no questions asked, there are no refunds past the 180 day period!
Results Are NOT Typical, But...
Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results.

HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make this software so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results.
And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did.

We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until the will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help.

So with that being said, click the button below to purchase DropBlogr now...
Today is YOUR Day, Take Advantage
Of The Discounted Price NOW:
And Hey, I've Been Burnt By Products & Promises Before Too. Heck I Still Do Sometimes.
But If There's One Thing I Learned, Is That It Takes Multiple Failures To Get Up And 
Achieve MASSIVE Success.
And this product, may just be what will lift you up and create MASSIVE success for you. 
Whatever you’ve purchased in the past, may or may not have worked.

Sometimes it’s a piece of the puzzle missing, sometimes it’s not the right system, sometimes you cannot scale, sometimes the seller is so anti-social and unhelpful that you can’t get any help or support.

This is not the case, we are here to serve.
Don't delay, You Know it CHANGE Your Life!
Take care and best of luck,
Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Ashish Singh
P.S –  Imagine that in 7 days you are already out of your job, working from home and growing your business everyday while having full control over your income with supreme Affiliate Marketing profit sites and Cheap traffic strategies.

OR just using that money to fund your “MAIN” business like Ecom or whatever.
Feels good isn’t it? Well, DropBlogr is the fastest way you can achieve it.

P.P.S – Proof, step by step walkthrough and a secret software that EXPLODES profits and a bullet proof guarantee is just a fraction of how far we will go to help you.

I understand it’s scary to invest, especially with all these scams in every corner. And we want to keep our brand legit, whiter than cream and just plain awesome. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied, you won’t walk away empty handed, never. If you think you want this, it makes sense to get this now.

The materials provided on dropblogr.net are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.
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